Superfans from across the world have queued for days outside the Brighton Centre to make sure they catch a glimpse of their idol.

Hundreds of fans set up camp and braved the elements outside the Brighton Centre from as early as Saturday ahead of former One Direction star Louis Tomlinson's gig this evening.

Heavy rainfall and howling winds in Russell Road, at the back of the venue, proved no challenge for the dedicated fans who stayed positive despite the conditions with a soundtrack of Louis's and One Direction's hits.

The Argus: The queue snaked down Russell Road from the back entranceThe queue snaked down Russell Road from the back entrance (Image: Andrew Gardner / The Argus)

Students Fahima Begum and Holly Pethybridge took up the role of making sure their fellow fans were safe in the queue and knew their place with a customised wristband system.

Fahima said: "We originally planned to come on Sunday - but we heard that there were 20 people on Saturday so we ran down.

"We are numbers 15 and 17 in the queue. By Sunday night there were already 100 people."

"Everyone hates camping culture, but you want to be at the front." 

She bought 500 wristbands from Amazon and dished them out to everyone in the queue.

"Every four hours we checked in on everyone in the queue. We asked if they were ok, if they had enough shelter, and people can take breaks."

The Argus: Fahima and Holly showing off their wristbandsFahima and Holly showing off their wristbands (Image: Andrew Gardner / The Argus)

Holly added: "For every three hours you queue you can leave for four. Everyone is looking out for each other and getting teas and coffees on our breaks.

"It's like a big community now, we've made friends from all over the world. It's the greatest feeling."

The Argus: Valentine and Elisa pair used foil blankets to stay warmValentine and Elisa pair used foil blankets to stay warm (Image: Andrew Gardner / The Argus)

But Fahima and Holly's trip from Bevendean to the Brighton Centre is nothing compared to friends Valentine Neuts and Elisa Sudara's trip from the north of France to see Louis.

The pair took the Eurotunnel to Folkestone and drove to Brighton, where they have divided their time between queuing and sleeping in a car park.

"We've been sleeping inside the car since Saturday," said Valentine.

"Afterwards, we are going to Birmingham for another show."

The Argus: Youngsters queuing outside the centreYoungsters queuing outside the centre (Image: Andrew Gardner / The Argus)

Elisa added: "I've seen Louis in Europe but this is our first time seeing him in the UK. I like everything about him - his music and his character.

"He plays different songs at each show and it is nice to hear them all."

Nearer the back of the queue, Canadian friends April Przontka, Kallie St. Germain and Adrianna Mijovcic, all studying at Bader College in Herstmonceux, arrived at 3am on Tuesday.

The Argus: Left to right: April Przontka, Kallie St. Germain and Adrianna Mijovcic outside the Brighton CentreLeft to right: April Przontka, Kallie St. Germain and Adrianna Mijovcic outside the Brighton Centre (Image: Andrew Gardner / The Argus)

They defied guidance from the Brighton Centre to stay at home and avoid queuing outside the venue.

A spokesman said: "Some ticketholders arrive very early in order to queue outside, with the hope of getting to the front of the stage

"We must advise that this does not give you priority above others into the venue and, in turn, the main auditorium. Nor will it guarantee you a good spot at the front of the standing area or any other preferential experience.

"The streets of Brighton in November are not a warm, dry or comfortable place to be overnight. Please consider your wellbeing as a priority and make a decision based on our advice."