A family have been unable to wash for days because of dead birds in their water tank.

The Miltons, who rent a house in Mallett Close, Seaford, said they have reached “breaking point” and this is just one of many problems with their home.

A hole in the roof means birds have been living there and the family found a dead bird in the water tank on October 30, meaning the family, including their seven-year-old son have been unable to shower since.

The trio have been using baby wipes to keep clean and have all been sharing the front room downstairs.

The Argus: Kelly and Graham MiltonKelly and Graham Milton (Image: The Miltons)

Bird droppings come down into the first floor from the loft and there is a large draft because of the hole.

Mum Kelly Milton said the problems have “got worse and worse”.

“I work in the NHS and I’m having to go and do my night shifts without washing. It’s awful. And sending our son to school without a wash is even worse,” said the 36-year-old.

The Argus: Leaks come down into the first floor roomsLeaks come down into the first floor rooms (Image: The Miltons)

She and her partner say they have been asking for help from their letting agent, Premier Lets And Sales, in Seaford, but they say they have not received much.

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Ms Milton said she waited in all day on Tuesday for a contractor.

The letting agent told The Argus the landlord had been trying to repair the roof for “some time” but has been blocked access by the tenants.

The Argus: The holes in the roof mean birds are living in itThe holes in the roof mean birds are living in it (Image: The Miltons)

Ms Milton and her partner Graham, 46, dispute these claims.

In a comment to The Argus on Tuesday, a spokeswoman for the letting agent said: “With regard to the dead birds in the water tank, an email was received this  Sunday, November 12, regarding this.

“I tried to book an appointment for our contractor to attend at 8.30am but the tenants said they could not be there as they both had to take their child to school.”

The Argus: Droppings and feathers in the loftDroppings and feathers in the loft (Image: The Miltons)

Ms Milton said her husband takes their son to school so she can stay in to let any contractors in.

She let a contractor in to look at the roof on Wednesday and said nothing was done about the "urgent" situation. 

The letting agent confirmed a contractor was being sent that day but did not address what was to be done.

While this is a private rental, Lewes District Council confirmed it was assisting the tenants.

The Argus: Pigeons are living in the loftPigeons are living in the loft (Image: The Miltons)

A spokesman for the council said: “The family has been threatened with a possession notice.

“While this is a private tenancy, we have been helping the family to avoid becoming potentially homeless.

“In regard to the condition of the property, it is the responsibility of the landlord and letting agent to address these issues and concerns. Notwithstanding this, our housing team have also been offering advice.

“We will continue to advise the family and liaise with the letting agent.  We understand that the landlord is out of the country.”