A fuming business owner has criticised a council after it issued a parking fine amid Storm Ciaran flooding.

Freya Reynolds said she had no choice but to park her furniture van on double yellow lines in Evans Road, Bognor, after her warehouse and yard were swamped with 11in deep floodwater.

And she was furious when she was given a fine by a parking warden.

The Argus: Flooding in BognorFlooding in Bognor (Image: Sussex News and Pictures)

Freya, director of Reynolds Furniture which has been in Bognor for 155 years, said: "We normally store our vans in the warehouse but we had to find alternative parking for these.

"We found places for three, but there was one other which we had to leave outside the warehouse.

"The whole road was underwater and yet we still got a fine on the van. It's just mean."

The Argus: The notice was left on the van's windscreenThe notice was left on the van's windscreen (Image: Supplied)

She received the ticket on Saturday, November 4. On Friday, November 10, a council officer sent out a message to businesses affected by the flooding in Bognor.

They said they would "like to be able to wave a magic wand and help you [businesses] all instantly".

Freya said: "The council said they would support businesses affected by the flooding and yet they gave us a ticket.

"The council offices were just up the road and they were flooded too. It's a little unfair."

The Argus: Flooding in BognorFlooding in Bognor (Image: Sussex News and Pictures)

Flooding in the area lasted for several days and pumps had to be used to clear the water.

Freya sent an appeal to the council over the parking fine but this was refused.

The council said in its refusal letter:

"I do appreciate you state due to the flooding in this location you moved most of the vehicles to alternative parking however were unable to move this vehicle, however having carefully considered your reasons I am unable to accept them as grounds for cancellation of the penalty charge notice.


Your vehicle was parked on clearly marked double yellow lines. These lines indicate no waiting at any time and can be enforced 24 hours a day seven days a week on a national basis, therefore no sign is necessary.


I understand there was flooding in the area however this would not permit the vehicle to be parked on clearly marked double yellow lines."

Freya said: "I genuinely did believe they would write it off. We had nowhere else to put a massive van and I hoped they would show a bit of empathy for the situation."

The Argus contacted Arun District Council for a comment and it has since cancelled the fine.

The Argus: Flooding in BognorFlooding in Bognor (Image: Sussex News and Pictures)

A spokeswoman said: "Arun District Council appreciate the significant challenges posed by recent flooding in Bognor Regis and the difficulty this caused in locating suitable parking during this time.

"The penalty charge notice was issued correctly however, having considered the circumstances of the case, as a gesture of goodwill Arun District Council will write off the balance owed.

"Should vehicles be parked on double yellow lines or in breach of parking restrictions moving forward, a penalty charge notice may be issued.

"This course of action has been taken given the extreme circumstances and unprecedented weather conditions in this area at the time."