Pupils were delighted to discover that the pilot on their return flight from a school trip was a former student.

Pilot Anna Morgan could not believe it when, after landing into Gatwick from Naples, she got on to the flight deck to say goodbye to the passengers and saw her Year 10 form tutor.

The group of pupils and teachers from Burgess Hill Girls were on their way back from a classics trip to Italy.

Anna, who qualified to become a commercial pilot from easyJet’s training scheme in June after 18 months of training said she was thrilled to bump into the group.

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"I had just landed back into Gatwick from Naples and usually I like to hop out of the flight deck to say goodbye to passengers if I can,” said Anna.The Argus: Anna Morgan is a pilot for easyJetAnna Morgan is a pilot for easyJet (Image: Burgess Hill Girls)

“I saw Mrs Cassim, my Year 10 form tutor, and couldn’t believe it. She was bringing pupils back from the same trip I had been on when I was at Burgess Hill Girls. It was so lovely to see her and an amazing coincidence that I flew the school trip home.”

Head of drama Emma Cassim was equally delighted to see Anna.

She said: “I was really surprised when the crew addressed me by name and then I looked up and saw the pilot was Anna.

“The girls were really impressed that they had been flown by a former student, not much older than themselves. I would not be surprised if some of them follow her career path.”

The Argus: Anna Morgan hopes to become a captain and inspire more women to get into aviationAnna Morgan hopes to become a captain and inspire more women to get into aviation (Image: Burgess Hill Girls)

Anna left Burgess Hill Girls in 2018 and this year she also graduated from Sussex University with a degree in Finance and Accounting, which she studied for alongside training to become a pilot.

“I’m still a very new pilot at easyJet, so I have got my first simulator check to concentrate on," said Anna.

“Longer term, I would like to become a captain and get involved in pilot recruitment, particularly inspiring girls to get into aviation. It really is the dream job.”