A Dragon’s Den contestant has created a new product which can cut off motorbike engines in moments – meaning would-be thieves cannot get away.

Inventor Steve Ransom, from Uckfield, came up with the idea for Stop My Engine after witnessing a rise in motorbike thefts in Sussex.

Steve, a motorbike rider himself, knew of car anti-theft devices but was aware of the different problems delivery drivers were having in Brighton.

“Often, delivery drivers will not have time to lock up a bike while they go into a restaurant to collect an order, meaning opportunistic thieves can hop on their vehicle and drive it away with no consequences,” said Steve.

The Argus: Stop My Engine is easily wired into a motorbikeStop My Engine is easily wired into a motorbike (Image: Andrew Gardner/The Argus)

With the help of Michael-John Roberts, from Brighton, the pair worked for three years to create their product.

The duo have created a device which slowly and safely cuts off the engine of a motorbike when it is away from the owner’s mobile phone, meaning a thief is not able to make off with the vehicle.

The Argus: Steve Ransom is an entrepreneurSteve Ransom is an entrepreneur (Image: Andrew Gardner/The Argus)

Michael-John told The Argus: “If your vehicle is being stolen, it will run normally for seven seconds and will then enter a short period of repeated ignition interruption as Bluetooth connectivity is lost with your phone, bringing your vehicle to a safe and complete halt 20 seconds later.

“With your vehicle immobile, the horn starts sounding, helping you to audibly locate your vehicle, and reconnect via Bluetooth.”

The product brings a vehicle from theft to safe stand-still in 27 seconds.

Steve said: “We have had a unique patent approved for our technology which stops off the engine in a safe and controlled manner.

“You will be able to retrieve your stolen vehicle in moments. Once the engine stops it is likely that a thief will just abandon it – especially if it is making a loud sound with its horn.

“It is safer for motorcyclists who sometimes have to confront thieves.” 

Stop My Engine has three modes:

  • anti-hijack mode (anti-theft)
  • over-ride mode (short-term loan of vehicle)
  • emergency over-ride mode (loss of phone or flat phone battery) 

Stop My Engine currently retails at £180.