Children will drop their pens and walk out of the classroom this morning for a pro-Palestine protest.

Youngsters are staging a demonstration at the Jubilee Library at 10am in support of a ceasefire in the ongoing conflict.

Organisers are encouraging activists to raise their voices "for the people of Palestine" and to write a letter to their school's headteacher to take a stance on the conflict.

The Argus: A poster for the eventA poster for the event (Image: Andrew Gardner / The Argus)

A 518-word template has been shared online. One line reads: "Our school has admirably encouraged students to participate in and express support for the oppressed people of Ukraine, who have been enduring a challenging situation due to the conflict with Russia.

"This support and awareness-raising activities have been commendable and in line with our values of empathy and social responsibility.

The Argus: Jubilee SquareJubilee Square

"However, I have noticed a discrepancy in the way the school is approaching the situation in Palestine, where the people have been oppressed for a century now."

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The letter suggests that schools are "discouraging" children from "showing support for the oppressed people of Palestine."

Students and their parents will gather at Jubilee Square, outside the Library, in support of the cause.

The Argus: A similar demonstration in BristolA similar demonstration in Bristol (Image: PA)

It is organised by the Stop The War coalition and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign - who are behind the marches in London each weekend.

This comes after students in Bristol walked out to hand a petition to Green Party candidate Carla Denyer, asking the four MPs who represent Bristol to call for a ceasefire in Israel-Palestine

Students also marched to Tower Hamlets MP Rushanara Ali's office after she abstained from a ceasefire vote last week.