Welcome to business banking without borders.

Local London start-up, Banct is an AI-backed banking solution. It is the all-in-one super-app for small and medium businesses and freelancers. But Banct is more than just a platform, it is a virtual assistant. A super-accountant. The net seamlessly combines all your business banking in one place.

Banct is an online business account specially designed for SMEs, microenterprises, and freelancers. Their focus is to make life easier for business owners. A Banct business account provides everything that a traditional bank account does.

Banct's fees are lower than the competition. Account opening takes only a couple of minutes, and the entire process is online. So, no more paper documents or time-consuming manual procedures.

We want to highlight that the new account opening time is faster and smoother compared to traditional banks. We would like to add a phrase where it mentions that some traditional banks take around a month for an account to be opened.

The live chat is not available 24/7, but we have online support (video library, AI chat bot), and we also have human support on call.

Account holders also get free budgeting tools and the ability to instantly generate standard financial reports–profit & loss account, balance sheet, expense reports, and cash flow statements.

The best part of these features? You don’t need any accounting knowledge to use them. Banct also offers a best-in-class global payment solution. When you pay an overseas vendor, you can use their proprietary tracking tool to watch your payment until it reaches the intended recipient.

Banct's fees are among the lowest in the market, and they promise you FX rates that will help boost your bottom line. Here’s a quick summary of some of the features of a Banct business account:

- 24/7 digital transactions.

- Web and mobile access with full functionality.

- Sub-accounts in foreign currencies.

- Fee-free spending at interbank exchange rates for pre-set amounts.

- Rock-bottom rates for multiple currencies.

- Unlimited free corporate debit cards–Visa or Mastercard.

- No limit on the number of transactions.

Managing your finances just got a whole lot easier. With Banct’s AI-powered accounting, say goodbye to tedious, manual record-keeping that keeps you up until 3am. Automate everything from financial reports to invoicing, expense management and cash flow forecasts. 

Why choose Banct?

Free up time                          → Automation does the boring admin.

Take advantage of AI           → With instant invoices, AI-powered accounting and more.

Spend, earn, save                 → Save money with every transaction.

Transact as a local globally → Hold funds in 34 currencies.

Integrated banking solution→ One password for all your banking.


Supercharge your growth, empower your team, and maximise your productivity. AI can effortlessly generate your expense reports, balance sheets, income statements, automated cash flow forecasts that track your transactions instantly, and more.

Benefit from tax categories for income and expenses, easy account reconciliation, and a real-time payment monitoring dashboard.

Generate instant invoices and customise the template. Easily match payments to individual invoices. Review unpaid invoices. Get notified when you’re paid.

AI can help you prepare for your tax deadlines and Making Tax Digital and benefit from built-in reporting and payment tracking. View your AI-generated reports, monitor your payments with our tracking tool, and manage permissions*.

This feature will be launched in less than a month, so we don't want to say it is live now, but we would like to mention that it will be launched soon.

*With Banct, there’s no need to rely on external software, although you can integrate your existing software with them if you wish.

The Argus:

Everything you get with Banct

Secure, borderless banking with one, simple low fee.

Access the global marketplace in one super-app. Hold funds in 34 currencies, pay to 180 countries.

Make fast local payments to the EU and US in minutes. Or choose SWIFT payments for larger transactions that require enhanced security.

More time. Less stress. Bigger Savings.

Save 100s of hours a year with our cutting-edge AI.

Because why should you do everything manually?

Get used to error-free, AI-powered accounting.

Once you try it, you'll never want to go back.

Get deeper insights into your spending, income and more.

With AI and automation, there’s so much to discover.

Keep on top of your spending and stay on budget.

With automated expenses tracking.

Take advantage of rock-bottom exchange rates.

Get 24/7 access to low, real-time FX rates. Lock in a rate for up to 12 months.

If you bank with a traditional bank, we promise you a better FX rate.


Five reasons to switch to Banct

1. We're your one-stop-shop for business banking around the world

Banct is the intelligent super-app for all your business and money matters.

2. With AI and automation, what used to take hours will now take minutes

Free up time for creative work, strategic work, or more coffee gossip!

3. Get ultra-low exchange rates in real time

Save money with every transaction.

4. Managing your business is so much easier

AI crunches the big numbers for you.

5. Lock in an exchange rate for up to 12 months

Take advantage of currency movements that work in your favour.


Apply for a Banct account in minutes

  • Get up and running within 5 working days.

  • Benefit from 24/7 chat support.

  • Contact our dedicated customer service team during working hours.

Find out more at www.banct.com