A list of the city streets which will be prioritised for improvement is to be presented to councillors.

Brighton and Hove City councillors on the transport and sustainability committee will likely approve the list at a meeting next week.

The streets have been chosen for safety improvements as part of the council’s safer, better streets programme.

It’s the first time the list has been produced using a new scoring system to assess the dozens of requests the council gets for improvements.

The streets are prioritised using 16 different categories including where concerns have been raised by residents, casualty data, traffic counts, accessibility and danger.

Among the sites identified for improvement are:

  • Goldstone Villas / Clarendon Villas / Eaton Villas junction
  • The junction of Holmes Avenue and Neville Avenue
  • Surrenden Road at the junction with Preston Drove

The 12 sites will be improved over the coming years, the council said, subject to funding availability, consultation and any traffic regulation orders (TROs) needed.

Work has been progressing on sites which were identified from the previous pedestrian crossing priority programme.

Some of the roads on last year’s list:

  • Surrenden Road at the junction with Harrington Road and Bates Road – work was completed earlier this month
  • Junction of Whitehawk Road / Roedean Road / Bristol Gardens / Arundel Road – work is expected to start early next year
  • Hove Park Road junction with Shirley Drive – work to reduce speeds in and out of the junctions has been completed and a new illuminated give-way sign has been installed

Councillor Trevor Muten, chairman of the transport and sustainability committee said: “It’s important that we do all we can to improve the safety of the city’s streets and use the available money we have to prioritise those areas where we can do the most good.

“The new scoring system means that, not only are we looking at casualty data, we’re also taking into account a host of other factors that affect how people travel, use and perceive these streets and junctions. It is important that we listen to residents’ concerns and make our communities safer and better.

“I’m very pleased to see the progress we’ve already made and look forward to seeing more work being done to improve the streets of Brighton and Hove.”