A Brighton based production company has been celebrated for a behind-the-scenes film on the largest Vermeer exhibition in history.

Seventh Art Productions won The Event Cinema Campaign of the Year prize at the Big Screen Awards 2023 for its Vermeer: Exhibition on Screen.

The film invited audiences to a privileged view of the exhibition at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

The company said the film is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover the genius of Johannes Vermeer and his fascinating life on the big screen.


Directed by David Bickerstaff and produced by Phil Grabsky, the film has grossed nearly £1.3 million since its release in April.

“We at Exhibition on Screen are delighted to win this award, not for ourselves but because it shows how much interest there is in the wider community to come to the cinema to see cultural films, in this case a documentary about a Dutch painter working four centuries ago,” said Mr Grabsky.

“With great support from cinemas – not least booking the film from the start for multiple screenings – we not only smashed the record for an art documentary or a film related to a gallery or museum, but also entered the top 20 all-time documentary list for the UK."