Recently I had the pleasure of visiting Wild Lemon, a vibrant restaurant and bar serving a cuisine that perfectly marries traditional and modern flavours. Located on Brunswick Road, in the heart of Shoreham-By-Sea, Wild Lemon caters for a multitude of visitors with a range of differing culinary tastes. One customer gave Wild Lemon high praise following their visit, saying “This is not food, it’s art!”. 


Wild Lemon comfortably seats around 70 customers, promising to take them on a ‘dining experience unlike any other’. This can be seen through the restaurant’s diverse menu, ranging from sumptuous salads to mouth-watering burgers, with each dish being meticulously crafted using locally sourced ingredients. This is also reflected through the exemplary customer service experienced throughout your visit, ensuring that customers' needs are provided for throughout the dining experience.


For those who love a traditional British Roast, you will be delighted to learn that Wild Lemon offers a signature Sunday Roast, described as a ‘harmonious union of flavour, texture, and aroma’. Those with a sweet tooth should also know that the thriving restaurant also offers a delicious desserts menu – I would particularly recommend the ‘Banoffee Tarte’, which was the perfect sweet treat to end a meal with. 


Wild Lemon was officially opened on the 22nd September this year. Two chefs, who had been friends for 20 years, decided to put their knowledge together to create a restaurant like no other. But why the name Wild Lemon, you may ask? Besides being one of the main ingredients in the restaurant, it represents the fusion between the chefs of French and Indian descent. When asked what sets them apart from other restaurants in Shoreham, Wild Lemon answered with ‘the food, the service, and the atmosphere’. 


Overall, Wild Lemon is an amazing local restaurant offering a truly unique dining experience. From its marvellous menu, wonderful customer service and innovative interior design, the restaurant delivers a throughly enjoyable experience for those who decide to visit. I would wholeheartedly recommend that residents of Shoreham and beyond visit Wild Lemon to embark on a culinary journey!