Businesses and residents have been urged to back a toy appeal that will help children who would otherwise wake up to no presents on Christmas day.

Tech company Quotacom, in Brighton, is leading the appeal and wants to raise £10,000 to ensure every child in need in the community gets a Christmas present.

With every penny raised Quotacom, in Stroudley Road, will work with local social workers to ensure that the toys go to children in need.

Quotacom’s CEO John Taylor said: "This Christmas, our toy appeal for underprivileged children in Brighton and Hove is driven by the belief that every child deserves the warmth of a gift on Christmas day. As a company dedicated to supporting our community, we strive to be a catalyst for positive change. Together, let's bring joy to those who might otherwise miss out, creating magical moments and spreading the spirit of giving in our local community."

The deadline for the toy appeal is December 4.

People can donate via gofundme at

If people would prefer to donate actual toys they can send them to the company’s head office in Brighton disclosing who they are from.

Lily Martin

Quotacom Ltd

City View

103 Stroudley Road



Quotacom said all toys need to be new.