As the end of the school term approaches, everyone is looking forward to the festive and communal things school has planned. At Christ’s Hospital this includes the Christmas fair (taking place on Sunday 3rd of December), Giving Day (A 2-day charity event which had the students and staff doing a range of physical activities to help raise money) and the senior production: Sweeney Todd.

The musical consists of the main character Sweeney Todd who was previously a barber in London but gets sent away to Australia by a corrupt judge. Sweeney returns years later in search of his family but whilst doing this forms a friendship with Mrs. Lovett who takes pleasure in making pies under his old shop.

Made of human bodies…

The play was a hit Broadway production but because of the gore and gruesome aspects in the storyline, the drama department obviously had to accommodate it so that it is suitable for a school audience.

Everyone at school is buzzing with excitement for the show that premiers on Thursday the 30th of November considering the fact that the most recent senior production was in December 2021 with the well praised “Chicago” due to it being cancelled last year.

I have never really been interested in doing drama but I have always wanted to know how the cast feels and what they experience so I asked my friend in Year 10 (who wanted to remain anonymous) what they thought about preparing for the show:

“Though it’s sometimes a bit frustrating when the director gets annoyed and nit-picky about our deliveration during practices but I do enjoy making new friends and relationships with all the people involved!”

There will be 4 performances, including 1 matinee which allows the Year 8 students to see the show during the afternoon instead of the evenings.

I can’t wait to see it!