The Pevensey Plungers, a small group that swims in the sea from the break of dawn to the rising of the moon, 365 days a year! This crazy bunch likes to wake up, not to an alarm, but to bitter winds and shallow seas. The Pevensey Plungers have meeting times from 6 am to 9 am and then again at 7 pm. They may be a small group but by no means mess about. They have a Facebook group, sell merchandise, have a theme song and host events like bake sales and barbeques. No matter the weather or the temperature, they prevail!


The group -started on the 4th of November 2021- was created by two people, called Hope and Graham. Hope said, " Come sit on the beach for a chat and have a cuppa." This group is extremely welcoming and diverse, there is no doubt. They greet anyone and everyone who joins in.


The group doesn't just swim for fun; they also do mental health swims, Santa splash, cool water therapy, the plunger of the year awards, great bake-offs and the Buoy George challenge. The Pevensey Plungers manage to make such cold and thrilling dives into warm and cheery gatherings. They are a special and unique bunch.


So, would you be able to take on the sea? Fight the waves and withstand the resentful iced winds? If so, get ready to chant with The Pevensey Pirates as they gown themselves in stylish garments and drink their hot cuppas. Welcome to the group newbie!