Albion fans have reported being “tear gassed by mistake” after Brighton’s victory over AEK Athens.

Multiple fans said they were affected by tear gas used by the Greek authorities to disperse Athens supporters after Albion’s 1-0 win tonight.

Videos show dozens of Brighton fans holding their t-shirts over their mouths and noses while still in the away end of the Opap Arena in Athens.

Fans described hearing loud bangs outside the stadium which they believe was the sound of tear gas being released which then wafted into the away end.

The Argus: Fans covering their faces and noses in the away endFans covering their faces and noses in the away end (Image: @BennettsField on X)

Another video sent to The Argus shows AEK Athens fans making gestures towards the away end and throwing cups of beer. Greek riot police were also seen in the lower tier keeping them away.

Brighton fans at the match described the scene as “like being in the 1980s” when football hooliganism was a problem in English football.

One fan at the game said: “It was grim, there was a lot of people in a lot of distress. It is one of the worst feelings in the world.

The Argus: Athens fans and riot police seen in the lower tier and home fans on the other side of the glassAthens fans and riot police seen in the lower tier and home fans on the other side of the glass (Image: Supplied)

“We are alright now. The home fans tried to storm our end and punch Brighton fans.

“Riot police came into the stand and dispersed fans, we then heard eight or nine bangs and that was tear gas.

“I do not know how the gas got in. I believe it was let off outside.

“We are on buses now and we are okay. It’s like shower gel in your eyes but worse.”

In videos some home and away fans can be seen arguing with each other on both sides of the barriers separating supporters.

Another said: “There were some idiots trying to get into the Brighton end after the match. There was all sorts of smashes and crashes outside the ground and it wafted in. Brighton fans had nowhere to go.

“It was like being in the 1980s. Fenced in, idiots trying to get in and tear gas.”

PC Darren Balkham, dedicated Sussex Police football officer for the Albion, tweeted: "The tear gas that was deployed at the end of the game was at AEK supporters who wouldn’t clear the bowl or immediate area.

"A number of cannisters were fired resulting in the gas coming back into the stadium due to the still night. I know a number of you were affected (as were we).

"We gave reassurance to those who needed it straight after and informed fans of what had happened.

To be clear this was not aimed at Brighton fans at all and police have praised your excellent behaviour."