This small community always has a spot for you.

Middleton A is a boarding house located on the west side of the Christ's Hospital school. It is know for a variety of excellent things ranging from sporting victories to a relaxed atmosphere. I have taken a small snippet for you of the opportunities this house this to offer.

From the moment I joined the house in year 7, it was clear that it wasn't at all any ordinary house on the avenue when it came to sports. From rugby to football to cricket to basketball, all season round Middleton A continues to domniate in all types of weather. Immanuel, an aspiring athlete in year 10 stated," The facilities and community spirit Middleton A has to offer has really put a boost in my performance, especially in athletics! ". 

The atmosphere here in Middleton A is very relaxed and the house has many activities to offer pupils from a competive game of table tennis or pool to a quiet corner for those who want to get involved in their reading- there is something for everyone. The sense of togetherness is really strong with older pupils constantly looking out towards the younger ones without the strong feeling of superiority stereotypically shown in the media. 

This house is a perfect living environment  for everyone, no matter who you are. So my question to you is: When are you coming?