Christ’s Hospital Giving Day


Pictured on the left, expeditionary education, Xander Crane 


On the 28th-29th of November it was boarding school, Christ’s Hospital’s giving day. An event to raise money for Blue Fund Bursaries, the Student Hardship Fund and Expeditionary fund.


The event ended up raising over £155,678 from over 500 generous donors. Across the two day period there were many activities to raise unlock money including a marathon around the school, completed by graduate sports assistant and Old Blue (Ex-CH student) Solomon Woodall. The thrilling static bike race outside of the historic dining hall between each boarding house was the event that kickstarted the fundraiser, followed by the staff netball match fiercely contested by the teachers of Christ’s but reffed by the students. However the main event, to unlock £3000, was the adventure race, where students competed in axe-throwing, firing lighting, orienting and raced using canoes and bikes. I had a quick catch up with keen expeditionary education student Xander Crane to find out more. He said it was, “A lovely experience that ignited a burning passion for adventure in him, whilst raising money for worthy causes.” To celebrate reaching 300 donors the head teacher, Mr Reid, jumped in our Doctor’s Lake, definitely a memorable experience for all involved.  


All in all, giving day was an overwhelming success that both brought the CH community together and raised mind blowing amounts of money that will support those in need. Hopefully efforts like these will continue for a long time and continue Christ’s Hospital’s legacy of giving.