Burning the clocks, held on the 21st of December was started in 1993 by Same Sky arts (a charity group). It is a beautiful community event in Brighton, where thousands gather every year and make paper lanterns,in various shapes and forms some even being animals and objects. It brings the whole city together to celebrate and mark the shortest and darkest day of the year. 

The lanterns are all handmade with willow caines,bamboo and tissue. People write different messages, wishes and their names onto the lanterns making each one unique.
 The crowd wears clock themed costumes and journeys through Brighton’s streets and lanes carrying the unique lanterns. Within the crowd there are artistic performers,dancers, live music artists and drummers contributing to the atmosphere.

The crowd can be described as a “glowing trail” -(the travel bunny). People of all backgrounds are welcome to join in. The route begins roughly at 6.30pm-7.30pm. The walk starts near the pavilion and continues onto Kemptown finishing at Kemptown beach. After reaching Kemptown beach there will be a show with a bonfire into witch the lanterns are passed onto. The music show continues up until 8pm where the festival comes to an end.

Many people also enjoy observing the burning clocks walk, a good spot being along the beach at kemptown for a good view of the grande finale or you can choose to follow the crowd. The burning of the clocks can also be and is interpreted as an alternative celebration of Christmas for many. The burning of the clocks shows the uniqueness and creativity of the people of Brighton.