You have probably seen people wearing a red flower or well a poppy…


Well, of course they would! On the 11th month on the 11th at exactly 11 am everything is pure silence. For those who fought. Those who died. Those who survived. Those who strived. We give them peace, recognition and respect. Every year. It’s never forgotten.

I’m sure everyone already noticed, and most probably took part. Everyone gave their recognition and respect. By silence. From a church to a hospital, schools and workplaces. Each and every person gave their silence in memory to those who fought and for those who stopped. Many schools gave their silence as a family and community when they came back from the weekend.

As usual, it has always been amazing and so beautiful how each and every person took part. It’s really a miracle that Remembrance Day is something that everyone can agree on and be one!

I saw many examples, like in Haywards Heath, there were many closures of roads, giving people a direct way to go to the church. There was not enough space so many stood outside the church and still prayed and gave their respects.

So many people still keep their poppies on them today, even their cars!

Schools, like the The Gatwick School, made assemblies and as a family gave their respects when the pupils came back. TGS’s cadets led the assembly and gave their salutes. They also hung up a crown of poppies as a memorial in honour of those who fought and left this world.

Finally, we always need to remember how important and special Remembrance Day is and how it is unforgettable, it will carry on and on like a legacy. It’s impossible to forget this day and this day is far more special to many, families, friends. Remembrance Day is a day to remember always.