A worried mum fears she is being targeted after she defended refugees and has even installed an anti-arson letterbox.

Emma, who asked for her surname to be withheld, believes the back windows on her car were smashed because she joined in at an immigration protest.

Plans to use the Chichester Park Hotel in Westhampnett Road, Chichester, for asylum seekers were revealed earlier this year.

Locals on one side protested outside the venue, saying all British homeless people and veterans should be housed before refugees are allowed into the country.

The Argus: The damage to Emma's carThe damage to Emma's car (Image: SWNS)

Others - including Emma - from Chichester Welcomes Refugees say they want to provide a safe space for the asylum seekers.

John, another pro-campaigner, says his 89-year-old dad's car was also targeted in Chichester - and believes he was the intended target.

He says the incident has left his dad, an ex-serviceman, questioning whether he will continue to drive following the vandalism.

The Argus: John's 89-year-old dad had his rear windscreen smashedJohn's 89-year-old dad had his rear windscreen smashed (Image: SWNS)

Emma says she is so worried that she has had an anti-arson letterbox installed.

She said: “I'm still closely working with refugees to ensure we can still get donations to them.

“It's been really stressful, we’re really lucky because we have a united cause, everyone leans on one another - everyone has helped me get my children to school this week.”

John, who is also withholding his surname, said: “I just felt sick, it felt like it was targeting us because we are supportive of refugees.

“I assume they tried finding me and couldn’t, so went after my 89-year-old ex-serviceman dad instead.

“It's fair to say he feels vulnerable - I'm worried – are they going to come after my house or my dad's house?”

The car attacks appear to have been carried out on the night of Saturday, November 25, and the early hours of Monday, November 27.

Emma says she saw the attack on her car being carried out from inside her home at 8.25pm on Saturday the 25th.

Three windows were smashed and the A-frame around the windscreen was damaged – with her car being declared a write-off afterwards.

And she says she had a boot full of donations ready to drop off at the hotel and her children’s car seats in the back – all of which were covered in glass.

She also claims her home has been targeted by trolls ordering expensive takeaways to her property.

John said his dad contacted him on the Monday morning to tell him his car’s rear windscreen had been smashed.

He says the quote for repair his father received was so high he is now considering giving up driving.

John said: “My dad lives on a quiet street, the average age on the street is quite high so the prevalence of cameras is very low.

“The first quote for repairing the car has him thinking he might give up driving.

“He doesn’t want to get it fixed – he thinks if he gets it fixed it will happen again.

“Now I’m worried that my house might be targeted, or my dad will be targeted more.”

Emma added: “It’s upsetting because we’re trying to help people, but our personal space is being violated.

“There are people staying in the hotel who are doctors and who will be waiting for 18 months with nothing to do until they can transfer their papers over.

“These are people who have left everything behind and want to work and be safe.

“I luckily work from home but still rely on my vehicle to drive my children around.

“This all has knock on effect. I've got a write-off of a car now and my insurance premium has gone up."

A Home Office spokeswoman said: “The number of people arriving in small boats is down compared with last year but we must go further to stop the boats in the first place.

“That is why we are determined, through the Illegal Migration Act, to ensure that anyone arriving in the UK illegally is detained and swiftly removed to their country of origin or a safe third country.

“We are also working hard to reduce the unacceptable use of hotels by moving asylum seekers into alternative accommodation, doubling them up in hotel rooms, and clearing the legacy backlog.”

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: "Police were called to reports of linked criminal damage to two cars in Chichester.

"On Saturday, November 25 around 8.30pm, damage to the windscreen of a car was found in Steeplechase Way, Fontwell.

"If you have any information on this incident, or any relevant footage, contact police online or call 101 quoting serial 1172 of 25/11.

"In the early hours of Monday, 27 November, between 12am and 7am, another car’s windscreen was damaged in Selsey Road.

"Likewise, if you have any information, contact police online or call 101 quoting serial 218 of 27/11."