A children’s football team has pleaded for motorbike vandals who “tear up” pitches with wheelies and wheel spins to stop.

Coldean Colts Youth Football Club has eleven different boys and girls age groups which play in Wild Park, Brighton, every weekend.

But the club has been forced to cancel matches and repair the pitch itself to avoid “any broken legs” due to dirt bikes damaging the pitches.

The club said motorbikes have even been ridden between pitches while children are playing football.

The Argus: Scarred pitches which are used by Coldean ColtsScarred pitches which are used by Coldean Colts (Image: Supplied)

One of the senior coaches told The Argus: “It is every single week really. Our team has grown so we need more pitches.

“It is having a detrimental effect on the pitches the kids are playing on which is upsetting.

“There is really deep scarring on the pitches, sometimes we have to postpone games and sometimes we take chunks of earth to repair the pitch so there are not any broken legs.

“They are doing wheelies and spinning their wheels, it is very frustrating for the club.

“There have also been cases where kids are playing matches and bikes tear up through the middle of the pitches. It is kids and adults doing it.”


The issue has been reported to Sussex Police around 20 times in the last six months, the club said.

The coach added: “It has been an ongoing issue in Wild Park of motorbikes using the park. When they use the outer perimeter it does not cause problems. In the last year there has been a marked increase in bikes on our pitches.

“Police have turned up to their credit but they are often in a Ford Ranger and the bikes can get away up the hill.

“Just be mindful of the pitches that are marked out there.

The Argus: Damage to the corner of a pitch and tyre marks up a bankDamage to the corner of a pitch and tyre marks up a bank (Image: Supplied)

“There are 200 kids who use them. We are not suggesting they do not use bikes at all. There are tracks in the woods and a horseshoe shaped circuit. Enjoy yourselves but these bikes are designed for rough terrain not football pitches.”

A Sussex Police spokesman said: “We are aware of reports of anti-social motorcycle riding at Wild Park in Brighton in recent weeks.

“Officers are working with partners including the city council to tackle the issue and there have been increased patrols by our officers in the area.

“We encourage anyone who sees anti-social behaviour or dangerous motorcycle riding to report it to Sussex Police on 101 or on our website.”

Lead councillor for the environment Tim Rowkins said: “Riding a motorcycle in a park is obviously unacceptable and any damage caused to our sports pitches should be treated as criminal vandalism.

“We would urge anyone with information about these activities to contact the police on 101 or via their website.”