Beloved DJ and broadcaster Annie Mac has been one of my favourites for years.

I used to love listening to her Radio 1 show in the evenings after school and she always chose great tracks and introduced me to new music too.

So I was thrilled when she announced new dates including Brighton as part of her Before Midnight tour.

The premise is a bit like the fairytale Cinderella. “Dance until the clock strikes midnight” is the slogan.

But it has a real-life purpose. Annie Mac, real name Annie Macmanus, now 45 years old and with two children, knows what it’s like to want a night out but not be able to stay out till the early hours.

So, it was Friday night, hundreds of people danced in a packed out Brighton venue. 

House music pounded out and two disco balls span overhead.

But it was still only 9.30pm.

I’ve only ever been to the Dome for sit-down events like comedy and talk shows, so to see it transformed to a kind of night club was amazing.

Pink, purple, red and blue lights lit the stage and were reflected onto the ceiling by the enormous disco balls.

The dance floor was busy but not overwhelmingly so and there was space to move around and enjoy Annie’s magic on the decks.

She was at the same level as the dance floor which gave the show an intimate feel.

Stall seating was still left up in the circle so if you needed a sit down, you could have one - an opportunity that was gratefully received by yours truly.

The atmosphere was friendly and inclusive. I’d say most people were in their thirties and forties, making the most of the fact they didn’t need to arrange an overnight stay for any child care (just a late babysitter would do) - or they could have a decent night’s sleep ahead of a busy weekend.

It was just great. After a long week of work, it’s hard to find the energy to stay out all night so to have a full night out or brilliant tunes but still be in bed by 12.30am was amazing.

  • Tickets were £25pp + booking fee
  • Annie Mac’s Before Midnight tour continues until December 31