Eddie Izzard has slammed the government for doing “nothing” to address sewage spills in the city.

The comedian and activist, who is running to become Labour’s candidate for Brighton Pavilion at the next general election, said water companies had been allowed to “infect our beaches and rivers”.

She also said that children in Patcham have had to walk across sewage on their way to school as the village’s sewer network struggles to cope with the volume of surface run-off.

Residents in Patcham have seen foul water bubbling up from drains in recent weeks after heavy rain in the area.

The Argus: Foul water has been seen bubbling up from drains in PatchamFoul water has been seen bubbling up from drains in Patcham

Eddie Izzard said: “This Conservative government has done nothing while water companies have allowed sewage to infect our beaches and rivers.

“Brighton is no exception to this - we’ve seen record levels of bacteria in our sea and children having to walk across sewage on their way to school in Patcham.

“I’ve spent countless hours speaking with residents worried about what is happening to the city’s beach and how we desperately need a Labour government to stand up to the water companies.

“If I get the honour to be your Labour candidate, I will champion our issues in Brighton to a hopeful future Labour government to right the wrongs of the last 13 years.”

Alongside cracking down on polluting water companies, Eddie Izzard has pledged to be “relentless in making our patch of the world greener than ever”.

Her proposals include making Brighton Pavilion carbon neutral and promoting eco-friendly transportation to “lead by example in the global climate fight”.

Four candidates are vying for the nomination to represent Labour at the general election in Brighton Pavilion; Eddie Izzard, music industry activist Tom Gray, Goldsmid councillor Birgit Miller and North Portslade councillor Lucy Helliwell.

The party’s candidate will be selected on Sunday, with online voting for party members in Brighton Pavilion now open.

The constituency is the only one held by the Green Party in Westminster - currently held by Caroline Lucas, who is not running for re-election.

Former Green Party leader Sian Berry has been chosen as her party’s candidate.