Caroline Lucas has described a draft deal at a UN climate summit as a “death sentence” for countries vulnerable to climate change.

The Green MP for Brighton Pavilion criticised the text proposed at the COP28 summit in Dubai after a section referring to the phase-out of coal, oil and gas was removed unexpectedly.

Around 200 countries are working to salvage the deal on climate change following an international backlash, with the United States, the European Union, the UK and several small island nations saying the deal does not go far enough.

The climate talks are being led by Sultan al-Jaber, a businessman and politician from the United Arab Emirates, who chairs the nation’s state oil company.

Speaking to Channel 4 News, Caroline Lucas said the proposed text is a “huge step backwards”.

She said: “You cannot say you are serious about climate science and at the same time not have a text that talks about phasing out fossil fuels.

“This is really, really serious and it’s not surprising that some of the most climate-vulnerable countries are saying this text represents a death sentence for them.”

On social media, she condemned the UK government for walking away from the talks “at the most critical moment”, following reports that climate minister Graham Stewart has been called back for this evening’s vote on the Rwanda immigration scheme.

A rebellion among right-wing Conservative MPs is threatening to cause the bill to be voted down at its second reading in Parliament.

The COP28 summit, which was due to conclude today, is expected to overrun as nations across the world try to come to a consensus for a global deal on climate change.

All 198 countries taking part in the talks must agree on the proposal for a deal to pass.