A fire engine has been trapped inside a Sussex fire station "for over a week" because of a fault with a bay door.

A spokesman for West Sussex County Council said that emergency calls were still being responded to ‘as normal’ at Burgess Hill with the other engine able to come and go as needed and the station still operational.

They added: “We are awaiting the delivery of a specialised part to fix the defective appliance bay door at Burgess Hill Fire Station, and our contractors are expected to rectify the issue this week.”

Former firefighter Tony Morris, who founded the Stop The Cuts campaign, wondered why the repair was taking so long, reporting that the engine had been trapped ‘for over a week’.

He added: “When I was in [the service], that would have been a 24-hour fix.”

The spokesman said the Joint Fire Control centre, which covers Surrey, West Sussex and East Sussex, would always ensure that the nearest and quickest appliance was sent to an incident.

They added: “Earlier this year, we also increased our response cover at Burgess Hill Fire Station, which has resulted more firefighters being immediately available to respond to incidents in the area.

“Crews now provide an immediate response capability from 7am until 7pm, seven days a week – an increase from the previous level of immediate cover which was provided five days a week.

“Outside of these times the station continues to be served by retained firefighters, who provide cover between 7pm to 7am, seven days a week.”