Workers are more productive in the office, a new study has found.

Researchers asked more than 2,000 office workers across the UK, with many from Brighton, about their working habits.

Overall, office workers in Brighton agreed they are more productive working in the office rather than at home – 58 per cent of those surveyed agreed.

Research by life insurance company Legal and General found that while 68 per cent of office workers in the city are still allowed to work from home, 30 per cent must be in the office full time.

There has been a national trend towards employers asking their staff to be in the office more frequently.

When respondents in Brighton were asked whether they preferred to work from home or in the office, 40 per cent, said they prefer working in the office, 32 per cent said the liked working in both equally and 22 per cent preferred to work from home.

A spokeswoman for Legal and General said: “The results reveal employees are generally more productive in the office and can build the necessary relationships with their colleagues necessary for career growth.”