A man who suffered permanent brain damage after a vicious attack described the impact it has had on his life.

George Morris was punched by thug Mark Brazil and hit his head on concrete which caused him injuries that will last for ever.

The violent attack happened in St Johns Park, Burgess Hill, in October 2021 and left Mr Morris in hospital for a month.

In a victim impact statement read out on Mr Morris’s behalf, the young man described the extent of his injuries. He was not present in Hove Crown Court on Friday, December 22.

The Argus: Brazil pictured in 2022Brazil pictured in 2022

The statement read: “I have permanent brain damage, this will affect me mentally and physically forever. I am more likely to develop Parkinson's Disease when I am older, I have tremors in my hand still. I get frustrated easily.

“I was in intensive care in hospital for a month and could not go to the toilet. I struggle to walk even now. My brain forgot how to use my right hand. Everything takes a lot of energy.

“I cannot even squeeze the toothpaste when brushing my teeth on my own.

“I will never have a job again and now struggle with conversations. I used to be social but now I am too scared to leave the house. I do not want to meet new people. After the assault, I lost work friends and I am not in my friendship group anymore.

“My family go to work in the day so I have a lot of time alone. I get exhausted doing anything. I struggle in conversations with groups of people because there is too much information going around. I have lost my personality.”

Mr Morris had been at the nearby Cricketers pub and was walking with friends when the “premeditated” attack happened.

Brazil punched the young man and he hit his head on the concrete. He was left “gasping for air” and was taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton due to suffering a brain bleed which caused permanent brain damage and paralysis down his right side.

Brazil was sentenced to three and a half years in prison for the attack to run consecutively after his current seven-year prison sentence which was related to a robbery in Haywards Heath.