Our keen Argus Camera Club photographers were out and about this year capturing scenes from across the county, from Bexhill to Bognor.

Our members posted nearly 2,500 pictures on our Facebook group with everything from news pictures to beautiful landscapes.

Each month, we chose a theme and voted for our favourite picture, with the winner receiving a £50 prize and their photograph published in the paper.

Below you can find the 2023 gallery.

January - new

Our theme for January was "new" - be it the new year, new life or even new photography styles.

Keith Wells took an amazing picture of storks preparing their nest for a new arrival at the Knepp Estate near Storrington.

The Argus: The storks preparing the nest at the Knepp EstateThe storks preparing the nest at the Knepp Estate (Image: Keith Wells / The Argus Camera Club)

February - relax

The theme for February gave us some amazing pictures from our photographers who documented the slower pace of life for both us and our furry friends.

Camera club snapper Sue Barnett shot this cute picture of a snoozing lamb on a sunny day.

The Argus: A lamb basking in the sunA lamb basking in the sun (Image: Sue Barnett / The Argus Camera Club)

March - spring is in the air

As the days got longer and the sun made an appearance again, we challenged our members to capture the changing season across the region.

Philip Carter's amazing photo of a doe among the bluebells in Rudgwick, near Horsham, caught our eye and he snapped up the £50 prize, which he donated to the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

The Argus: The doe peacefully sat amongst the bluebellsThe doe peacefully sat amongst the bluebells (Image: Philip Carter / The Argus Camera Club)

April - beautiful buildings

We challenged our photographers to search towns and cities for our April competition theme of beautiful buildings.

Historic buildings were entered alongside modern towers, including a capture of Worthing's award-winning Bayside development by Lisa Huggins.

The Argus: The striking balcony structure caught our eyesThe striking balcony structure caught our eyes (Image: Lisa Huggins / The Argus Camera Club)

May - festival fun

Brighton was transformed into a cultural hive in May with numerous festivals taking over the city.

Beverley Lee captured the fun with the Brighton Gay Men's Chorus at the Fringe festival.

The Argus: The Gay Men's Chorus performingThe Gay Men's Chorus performing (Image: Beverley Lee / The Argus Camera Club)

June - The best of Sussex

In June we celebrated the best of the county by challenging our photographers to capture landmarks in Sussex.

Katie Wade caught a murmuration over Eastbourne Pier after a colourful sunset.

The Argus: The blue hour scene in EastbourneThe blue hour scene in Eastbourne (Image: Katie Wade)

July - looking up

Sussex looks beautiful from every angle - and just to prove this we asked our photographers to take a look up towards the sky.

Lensman David Bolton was out for a walk in Brede, near Rye, when he spotted the shapes created by branches of an oak tree.

The Argus: Looking up the treeLooking up the tree (Image: David Bolton / The Argus Camera Club)

August - summer

The hot summer weather saw our photographers explore more of the county than ever, snapping scenes of the rolling hills of the South Downs and the busy beaches.

Karen Bedford captured a view of the farmland going off into the distance from Ditchling as the sun began to set on a hot summer's day.

The Argus: The golden summer fieldsThe golden summer fields (Image: Karen Bedford / The Argus Camera Club)

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September - reflections

With four main rivers running through Sussex and dozens more lakes, reservoirs and plenty of puddles we invited our photographers to capture beautiful scenes with a reflection in the picture.

David Ashdown shot the landmark Shoreham Power Station reflected in the still water behind the locks at Shoreham Port.

The Argus: A fishing boat was sailing in the crystal clear watersA fishing boat was sailing in the crystal clear waters (Image: David Ashdown / The Argus Camera Club)

October - autumnal orange

As the seasons changed once again and the colours of the trees shifted, our photographers were out and about to capture the vibrant scenes.

Leah Parkes gave this theme a creative spin with a picture of her pooch at Tulley's Farm surrounded by pumpkins.

The Argus: Leah's lovely pictureLeah's lovely picture (Image: Leah Parkes / The Argus Camera Club)

November - weather

The weather in November changed on an almost daily basis, from storms to sunshine and everything in between.

Shannon Cassidy creatively used a lens ball to create a unique scene on Brighton beach against a colourful sunset.

The Argus: She placed the ball among rain dropsShe placed the ball among rain drops (Image: Shannon Cassidy)

December - ice

It can be hard to get out of bed on frosty December mornings but not for our camera club photographers who were up at the crack of dawn to capture icicles and frosty leaves this month.

Kevin Brighton shared his photo of ice on his window and took the top spot for December.

The Argus: The vibrant sky shone through the iceThe vibrant sky shone through the ice (Image: Kevin Brighton / The Argus Camera Club)