Proud parents Liz and Davey Perry had a very special present this Christmas... their baby daughter Mirabelle.

She was born shortly after midnight on Christmas Day at the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath.

Liz and Davey, from Burgess Hill, shared this beautiful picture of their newborn tucked up in her cot.

Little Mirabelle, who weighed 8lb 1oz, was due nine days before Christmas but waited for the special day, providing the perfect surprise gift for her parents and older brother Joshua, three.

The Argus: Baby Mirabelle arrived just after midnight on Christmas DayBaby Mirabelle arrived just after midnight on Christmas Day (Image: Supplied)

Davey, 41, said it is going to be an expensive time of year for the family as Joshua’s birthday is on January 3.

He told The Argus: “She was due on December 16 but she kept us waiting until 12.34am on Christmas Day. She just snuck in there.

“We had been in hospital for three days before that point and as time ticked by we thought this was probably going to happen.

“We made all the necessary arrangements, our son Joshua was with his nanny and grandad.

“When Liz went into labour, it was only an hour and a half before midnight.

The Argus: Baby Mirabelle has been meeting all the family over ChristmasBaby Mirabelle has been meeting all the family over Christmas (Image: Supplied)

“It was amazing to have a child on Christmas Day, it is the most amazing gift not only for us, for our little boy too. I’m not sure that she will thank us too much when she gets older and we have not really worked out the logistics of how we’re going to play it.

“But obviously we’re over the moon any time of year for a baby to arrive. 

“We had some of Liz’s family come over today to see the baby and some of my family are coming over on Saturday to meet her.

“She has been very chilled these first few days. She is getting used to everything, she is pretty alert and is opening her eyes to look around. She is probably wondering what is going on in the mad house.

“That will be it for us now, one girl and one boy.”

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