A man is running more than 13 miles a day around a pier in the cold and wind with his dog to raise awareness about suicide.

David Rogers started the gruelling challenge at the beginning of December and finishes it today when he will have run 419 miles around Worthing Pier.

The 45-year-old has been doing 13.5 miles a day which he said is the average number of men we lose to suicide each day.

He has been joined on most of his runs by his Welsh sheepdog Dwynwen as well as friends and even strangers.

The Argus: David has been running for all of December around Worthing PierDavid has been running for all of December around Worthing Pier (Image: daviderogerst/Instagram)

David told The Argus: “Thirteen and a half represents the average number of men who take their own lives every day.

“I have had a fairly rough time of late so I just wanted to raise awareness and funds for the Campaign Against Living Miserably (Calm).

“A lot of people have joined and run in circles around the pier with me too. I wanted anyone to join even if it’s one or two laps.

“People can come along and join me. It’s called Pier To Peer and is about speaking to other people and spreading that message that it’s OK if you don’t feel all festive this time of year and don’t feel good about that.”

David has been running around two and a half hours each day. He said for his dog it has been almost a walking pace.

For more information om the fundraiser, click here.

David said: “It’s completely mind numbing, it’s brutal. When I’m on my own, I set my watch and it counts down the distance. There is a clock on the pier which you can see each lap, it never seems to move.

“I have done a lot of laps in the dark, it’s really tough. It’s a challenge to myself, being motivated to get myself out. It’s hard.

“People have been really supportive. So many people have come along even on Christmas Day, someone came along who lost their mother to suicide.

“The running community and chatting with people has been really humbling and unexpected.”

David has raised more than £1,600 for Calm so far. He said £8 funds a potentially lifesaving call for someone struggling with their mental health.