This December, the world-renowned Pop Music singer Jackson Wang came to Shanghai, China in his world tour of the album Magic Man. With the lowest seat price of 399 CNY and the highest of 2999 CNY (equivalent to 329 pounds), thousands of fans and audiences flooded at the show.

The show kicked off when the lights flashed out, and incoming was Jackson Wang in a dramatic red-and-black costume, highlighted by a dark black make-up below the eyes. The choreography and the songs matched perfectly with this exaggerated make-up.

One of the things that made the show memorable to many was the level of enthusiasm in the audiences. Every appearance of Jackson on the stage was instantly followed by screams at one of the highest intensities; during every climax of the songs, the audiences, almost automatically, started to wave and shake their elbows and hands high in the air, giving the impression that they were never tired and wanted more, more, and more. Some audiences that were not that passionate gave out slightly embarrassed laughs, but a few moments after they quickly learned and began enjoying the whole process.

“I just want you all to be entertained tonight, that’s all,” Jackson said in the middle of the show, “Remember to wave your left hand and if you are tired wave your right hand and then left hand again.” The audiences burst into laughter.

However, the most shocking and unexpected thing from Jackson during the show was a long Shanghainese speech followed by a Shanghainese greeting of “侬好,Shanghai!” Immediately after was the deafening cries, screams, and shouts from the audiences. Though his grandmother is from Shanghai, Jackson Wang was raised in Hongkong, which truly marked how surprising it was for Jackson to talk in Shanghainese. “He must have practiced a lot,” said one of the audiences in full awe.

Perhaps many of the audiences regarded the show as “just the opportunity to relax a little bit from my work”. Perhaps some of them thought the best thing about this show was “finally seeing my idol in person”. In either way, it is safe to conclude that the audiences had quite a good time in this cheerful, funny, and entertaining show.