Even though the Christmas season is ending, instead of throwing away broken baubles, or shoving tangled fairy lights into a box – why not try these fun and creative alternatives, and save some money on new decorations next year?

Christmas is, for certain, a time of giving, but it also inevitably ends up being a time of wasting too. With all the fun and magic of December, it is easy to forget how much money and energy is spent on temporary decorations and gifts. The UK alone uses on average 227,000 miles of wrapping paper each year; oh Deer!
So if you’re perhaps struggling to keep up the festive fun, here’s one final Christmas gift…

  • Broken Baubles

Christmas ornaments can be made from a range of materials however baubles are typically made from plastic or glass, making them quite fragile but unfortunately, not easily recyclable. 
With a hot glue gun, or some double sided tape, non-functional baubles can be fashioned into beautiful wreaths or stacked up to make centrepieces for next year’s dinner table. 
If the bauble has a hole in it, try filling it up with some tinsel or covering it up with left-over wrapping bows.
And if they’re completely shattered – glue the shards onto pieces of cardboard (which could be sourced from boxes that gifts came in) and create a mosaic. 

  • Tangled Fairy Lights

Finally, those tangled fairy lights that you’ve been avoiding for years now can be put to good use!
When placed in jars (or glass bottles produced by a few Christmas drinks), a stunning lantern can be made. These are safer substitutes to candles, and create a great colourful ambience. 
A flameless fireplace is a fabulous way to change up the living room lighting. No need for logs or fire pokers – all you need is a plug outlet!

  • Wrapping Paper

What about learning a new skill before the New Year? With all those excess wrapping paper clippings, you could make simple origami aeroplanes, or swans, or frogs that actually jump. Maybe even a cute paper reindeer! Now that deserves a round of a Claus.
You could also make mini Christmas trees, which could serve as ornaments themselves.

There are still some major culprits that contribute to the Christmas waste crisis. Try shaping tinsel into words, making decorations that can be spread throughout the whole house. Or making a nativity scene with painted batteries as people. The possibilities are endless!

Merry Christmas and have a tree-mendously happy New Year.