How many of you have been ice skating and thought it was a bit overhyped? That the Christmas lights partially falling down the walls was a poor excuse for an attempt at festive cheer? That no amount of holiday music will cover up the feeling of soggy feet after taking your boots off?


Situated in the heart of the city, Brighton Pavilion Ice Rink presents itself as a spectacle of beauty each year – dressing itself up in perfectly placed lights strung through the surrounding trees that cascade over the lawn. If any of you haven’t had the opportunity to witness Brighton Pavilion, that in itself is a sight to be treasured.  Built in 1808 under instruction from King George IV, the luxurious building was originally intended as a holiday home for royals; however, due to lack of use it was sold to what was then the town of Brighton in 1850 by Queen Victoria. Now it stands tall – a huge part of the seaside city’s culture. Huge domed roofs with gorgeous indents adorn the sloping pillars, and intricate windows line the exterior. Gardens outside provide a lovely spot for picnicking and chatting during the hot summer months – leafy trees blocking out the sun.  


However, during the Winter months, the building is taken over by the festive season – the gorgeous ice rink being the new addition. Located directly in front of the famous view of the pavilion, it has welcomed over a million people since its opening in 2010. Colourful lights are projected across the ice, enveloping skaters in a warm Christmas hug. Just around the side of the main rink is an easily accessible children’s rink, complete with penguin skating buddies for little ones just starting out.

If gravity betrays you and you do end up falling onto the ice, firstly, don’t be embarrassed, we’ve all done it, and secondly, there are always friendly workers who will help you up if needs be. Many a time have I witnessed people losing their balance, and every time they are helped up by a friend, and, if the situation prevails, an attendant. There’s no shame in falling victim to the slippery ice!

Whether you are accompanied by friends, or maybe a significant other, Brighton Pavilion Ice Rink presents itself as the perfect holiday treat after a long day of Christmas shopping – or maybe a cute romantic date night? Your choice! Just make sure you get yourself down there when December rolls around again, it’s a sight that I absolutely refuse you miss.