Ever heard of wonderland in winter? Well, it's a dream come to life...

Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park, Central London. Best vacation yet. Got the churros and waffles. Plus the burger and pizzas. Not to mention the Ice Rink... That's so much, is there more??

The fantasy is reality now, what's there to lose? Everything. Well only time of course, it's a dream come to life! Let's move on to what is actually there.

Booking for Winter Wonderland is absolutely hectic. So better book early! While booking might as well book the attractions; Ice Rink, The Magical Ice Kingdom, and so much more! 

It's a one-time entry only so once you go in, better make the best you can and then leave (if you have the heart to). Winter Wonderland is huge and if going with family or friends, it's ideal to stick to each other or it's almost impossible to find each other again. 

It's something that happens every single year, so you miss it once, don't miss it the next. It runs from 17 December to 1 January. So it is a bit late for 2023, but we still have 2024 to look forward to! 

There are so many scary, friendly, even horror rides to enjoy, so find your pick! Games games games, so many of them to try. From gigantic bananas to Phones and tablets, win them all! There isn't anything you can't do.

Winter Wonderland is the ideal holiday or family treat for Christmas. Best part? Easy transport! Station opposite the park, and many parking spaces for drivers. 

Well? After reading this article, you still don't want to go? Left the best for last, many singers and auditions happen in Winter Wonderland, not something worth missing!

Lastly, it's a great place to release stress and have some fun. Happy Holidays!!