Two businesswomen have been listed as some of the most inspiring female entrepreneurs in the country.

Pippa Moyle of the City Girl Network and Lyndsey Clay who runs Connected Brighton are among 100 women selected for the list.

Both started their businesses to “create social connection” and help people meet each other.

City Girl Network started in Brighton in 2016 to help women find friends. It has since grown to more than 120,000 members including 35,000 in Sussex.

The Argus: Pippa said it was an 'honour' to be recognisedPippa said it was an 'honour' to be recognised (Image: Holly Abigail)

Connected Brighton started during the April 2021 lockdown and aimed to connect people with businesses by hosting social events for men and women.

Pippa, 31, and Lyndsey, 44, spoke of how proud they were to be recognised.

Pippa, who lives in Haywards Heath, said: “I’ve spent the last eight years building communities across the country and couldn’t have done it without the inspirational dedication that Sussex has to building and nourishing communities.

"It’s an honour to be recognised on this list and I’m excited for the fast growth that we have ahead of us in 2024.”

The Argus: Lyndsey has grown her business across the city since the country started coming out of lockdown in April 2021Lyndsey has grown her business across the city since the country started coming out of lockdown in April 2021 (Image: Xavier Buendia)

The pair were selected for the f:entrepreneur 100 campaign which was started by Small Business Britain in 2017.

Lyndsey, who lives in Brighton, said: “I'm so grateful to have made the cut. I don't think I've been able to properly process it. Even with time to digest it, it hasn't felt real.

"My business isn't even three years old, there's been so much adversity to overcome and I've had moments where I've wondered if I'm doing the right thing, if this is going to work out or if I'm mad for even trying. To be recognised for that feels incredible.”

Both businesses have teamed up with the Brighton-based social connection charity, Together Co which tackles loneliness and social isolation through its befriending and social prescribing services. 

April Baker, CEO of Together Co, said: “Partnering with City Girl and Connected Brighton has accelerated our mission as both organisations work tirelessly to build social connections across cities by bringing people together.

"As a younger, female leader myself, I am hugely impressed by Pippa and Lyndsey’s dedication to create inspiring businesses and want to congratulate them both on being recognised for the contribution they are making.”