As the Christmas season ends we look back on all the fun we have spending time with family, eating delicious food and giving/receiving presents. I always remember to feel grateful that I am fortunate enough to not have to worry about if I will get the little things that can be seen to others as the most when it comes to Christmas.

This holiday I got the chance to see what its like for those who cannot support themselves but instead have to rely on other’s aid.

My church (New Wine Church) has their annual “Christmas Hamper Day” where members of the church help to give out gift baskets to those who are on low income, disabled or are elderly. Usually from my family, only my father goes in to help but this year I decided to join him and see how my church creates a better Christmas for all.

We arrived at 9am in the morning on the 18th of December as the doors opened at 10am and I could already see a long line of people waiting, worried if the stocks we had would run out (which they never do). My dad showed me the amount of hamper packages that were made and I was absolutely shocked when he said there were over 1200 boxes!

I took a look in the boxes and I saw Christmas related items such as mince pies, vegetables, Christmas crackers and they would even receive a whole turkey! (This couldn’t fit in the box obviously but instead was kept in a separate bag). Everything needed for a lovely Christmas dinner!

My job that day was to help with signing in the people that arrived. There were 3 pairs doing this. Person No.1 in the pair would take the conformation form of the person signing in and scan the QR code on it. Person No.2 (which was my job) would take the raffle ticket that the person received whilst lining up and staple it onto a piece of card. Then on this card, I wrote the last 4 numbers of their conformation form. Now the person would be able to go ahead and get their package when their number on the raffle ticket was called out.

It was hard to get my head around at first and it didn’t make it easier with problems with the QR codes constantly arising. But after a grand total of 400 people to each pair and a long 4 hours later everyone got their packages and left happy.

I asked a lady what she thought of this whole idea and she said:

“I feel so blessed that people are willing to give up a day of work to support those in need. Many of us would have had a budgeted meal at Christmas but now I can safely say that my two little girls will have a great holiday!”

I contemplated on those words for a while after I heard them and felt proud of my church for being able to give back at Christmas.