On the 7th of December the Gatwick school held a Christmas fair to celebrate the arrival of the festive season.


The Christmas fair had a range of activities available, such as lucky dips and a teddy tombola. There were also stands selling food such as hot dogs, candy floss, biscuits and hot chocolate. One of the main attractions of the event was the Santa’s grotto, which allowed for a magical experience for the younger years, to visit Santa along with taking pictures with him.


Once they were inside the grotto they were sent to write their letters of what they wanted for Christmas, after this they were taken into a different room that was said to be beautifully decorated where they met with Father Christmas. After having a conversation with him (and most likely  having a picture taken as well) each child was given a gift, which was a book. They all loved the book, and giving them a book not only brought them joy but also promoted a more educational approach to gift giving. So whilst not only having the excitement of being given a present from Father Christmas it also made them more enthusiastic to read and learn! One child who went to experience the magic of the grotto described it as, “Very good, I got to take a picture. It was very fun!”


Many people participated in the activities available that evening and in general there was a festive and joyous atmosphere filled with energy and excitement.