We strapped ourselves in and held on for dear life.

The waves were crashing against the beach nearby as we were taken on a rollercoaster ride at breakneck speed.

No we weren’t on the latest attraction on the Palace Pier. This was the thrill provided by all girl Ramones tribute band The Ramonas, taking us on a trip back to 1976 in a whirlwind of buzzsaw guitar, non-stop drums and basslines and a singer full of energy and excitement.

Their tribute to New York’s finest is fitting and authentic so that any Ramones fan is smiling from ear to ear. They were fast and they were amazing at Concorde 2 on Friday night.

Beat on the Brat was among my favourites and it was all one long wall of noise, including some of their own excellent songs in the middle of their set.

The Argus: The Ramonas and Sex Pistols Expose at Concorde 2 in BrightonThe Ramonas and Sex Pistols Expose at Concorde 2 in Brighton (Image: The Argus)

Without The Ramones there would not have been the British punk scene, so it was fitting that Brighton’s Ramonas were followed on stage by Sex Pistols Expose.

These guys had the look, the sound and played the parts of John Lydon, Sid Vicious, Steve Jones and Paul Cook perfectly.

God Save the Queen and all the favourites were great.

At the end when their singer asked the crowd “Ever get the feeling you were being treated?” it was typical of their fun take on the originals. And we all knew we had.