A new provider for Brighton and Hove City Council’s weight management service has been selected.

For the next three years Thrive Tribe will support residents to lose weight for free with its flexible range of healthy lifestyle programmes.

People can get the help they need through face-to-face groups, a 12-week digital health and wellbeing programme, support for children and families, including free active children's sessions plus healthy lifestyle support to help youngsters lose weight and whole families move more and eat better, as well as access to adult weight loss programmes from Slimming World or Man v Fat.

“We’re thrilled to be launching a new weight management service in partnership with Brighton and Hove Council,” said Tim Roberts, managing director of Thrive Tribe.

“Nearly two thirds of the residents of Brighton and Hove are above a healthy weight, causing a wide range of preventable health issues.

“We’ll introduce a range of programmes across the city, using behaviour change techniques to help people make sustainable, long-term improvements to their health. We’re particularly excited about the introduction of a range of pilot, sports-based interventions.”

Alistair Hill, director of Public Health at Brighton and Hove City Council, said: “We are pleased to welcome Thrive Tribe as our new weight management services provider for Brighton and Hove. Thrive Tribe have already been supporting residents in our neighbouring counties to achieve a healthier weight, and we look forward to local people now benefiting from their successful approach.”