Note: Intruders are advised against entering this premises as it is dangerous. Those who have done so have been warned to seek medical attention at A&E.

A photographer has captured long-forgotten rooms inside a leisure centre earmarked for closure.

While thousands use the King Alfred swimming pool and gym in Hove, many are unaware of what lies beneath.

A 22-lane bowling alley, laser tag arena, bar and indoor bowls club have been left to rot, abandoned underneath the building.

The Argus: The laser tag entranceThe laser tag entrance (Image: Chloe Urbex)

Urban explorer Chloe, who did not wish to give her last name, got into the King Alfred through a now-blocked off entrance near the car park.

Once inside, she and a friend explored a labyrinth of rooms left untouched since the 1990s and took photos.

"We spent a couple of hours, trying to work out where everything was," said Chloe.

The Argus: The ceiling has started to cave in at the bowling alleyThe ceiling has started to cave in at the bowling alley (Image: Chloe Urbex)

"It was a bit of a maze in complete darkness. If I did not have a light I wouldn’t have been able to see a thing."

The King Alfred opened in 1939, known as Hove Marina, and played an important part in training some 22,500 Royal Navy officers during the Second World War.

It turned into a leisure centre after the war and a number of additions followed, including an indoor pool complex and 22 AMF bowling lanes in 1960.

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Underneath what is now a grass patch between the car park and main leisure centre is a cavernous space, once accessible through a small building to the right of the main entrance.

However by 1999, much of this space was abandoned due to financial struggles.

Chloe said: "It was absolutely shocking to see the state of it, despite it being underneath a fully functional leisure centre. It was nostalgic and nice to see what was left behind from the late 90s."

The centre has been gradually descending into a state of disrepair since and a consultation was launched earlier this month for a centre to replace the King Alfred.

The Argus: A solitary bowling ball remainsA solitary bowling ball remains (Image: Chloe Urbex)

Residents have been given two options  - either to the west of the existing site in the current car park, or on a patch of land near West Hove Sainsbury's in Portslade.

Explorer Chloe used this as the perfect opportunity - and perhaps the last - to take a look behind closed doors.

She had been looking at the location since 2016, but could not find an entrance until recently when a clue was posted online.

She got in through a broken window and used a torch and camera to capture the scenes of yesteryear inside.

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The Argus understands that since Chloe explored the building, two entry points have been permanently sealed off.