The cost of getting married at a seafront bandstand is set to rise.

Brighton and Hove City Council says it is facing its "toughest ever budget setting process" which means fees across the board are increasing to fill a £32 million funding gap.

Couple who want to get married on the bandstand face a five per cent jump in the price.

The culture, heritage, sport, tourism and economic development committee revealed plans for price rises across the city including for wedding and to buy tickets for gigs at the Brighton Centre.

Current prices for wedding ceremonies on the bandstand vary depending on the date but the average is £746.

Weddings in the 2024 to 2025 period could set couples back as much as £880 as prices increase. The average will be £776.

Councillor Alan Robins, who chairs the culture committee, said: "We review all our fees and charges every year. It is a vital part of each year’s overall budget setting process.

“The increases we are proposing are mainly in line with inflation.

"In some cases, such as the proposal to increase the ticket levy at the Brighton Centre from £1.50 to £2, they reflect increased operational costs.

“The ticket levy increase would also bring us in line with industry standards."

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Councillors are voting on the changes in advance of the budget meeting in February.

Cllr Robins said: “Due to government cuts to our finances of more than £120 million in the last ten years plus an expected gap of almost £32 million next year, we are having to look very closely at every single service we provide.”