A retired NHS nurse is calling for a lift to be kept in service as she has to take a detour.

Eighty year old Anna Mary Walsh likes to venture out to the shops in Brighton's Western Road every day from her home near The Level.

She typically uses the lift between Fenchurch Walk and Stroudley Road on her way home - but this has proved difficult as it has been broken.

The Argus: The lift has been out of use for over a weekThe lift has been out of use for over a week (Image: Andrew Gardner / The Argus)

"I’m normally carrying shopping so I like to use the lift on the way back down without going down the steps at my age," said Mrs Walsh.

"Everybody walks away and down the stairs after seeing its broken, I just have to go all the way around."

The 0.3 mile detour along Billinton Way may seem trivial for some, but for Anna it becomes hard work.

The Argus: The lift is alongside a flight of stairs The lift is alongside a flight of stairs (Image: Andrew Gardner / The Argus)

This is not the first time the lift has failed since its installation in 2015. Between 2017 and 2019, the lift was permanently out of service with a number of reasons given for its lack of service.

But Hyde Housing, which owns the lift, has assured people that it will be repaired soon - and engineers are just waiting for a part.

A spokeswoman for Hyde told The Argus: "We'd like to apologise that our lift at Brighton Station is currently out of service. We know how frustrating this is for everyone.

“We’re working with our contractors to fix it and are just waiting for a new part. We're expecting the lift will be working again by the end of this week."