Beauty is a very subjective concept with several related criterias which change over the years. Those standards depend on society, people’s mindset, their personal tastes, and mostly focus on women’s bodies and facial features.

A century ago, in the 1920s, lots of changes started appearing in society. They happened during the post-war period, because women wanted to take part in the world of work and politics. An impetus for women’s freedom has been established in society. 

These changes were especially noticeable through clothing and, of course, beauty standards. Pushing back boundaries was a trend in the 20s. Women expressed their wishes of freedom through the act of smoking and drinking, as well as putting on heavy doses of makeup and wearing short pieces of clothing. 

Women wanted their bodies to have a boyish shape, without their curves showing. All those elements, that we can infer as far from feminine, could be implied as their wish to cease pleasing men in order to contribute to their journey of independence. 

However, in today’s world of beauty, the steps taken seem to contradict this state of mind. Women are once again globally expected to respond to men’s desires by wearing, for example, natural touches of makeup. They are also asked to stay as skinny as possible while maintaining specific curves. 

These criterias seem far less realistic and appear to be a real struggle for the women’s gender of our century. The rebellious side of women is no longer present, no matter the open-mindness, which is beginning to emerge. Is the path of prettiness evolving in the right direction? This new year we are entering into may give a new twist to our perception of beauty.