Our Camera Club snappers have been out and about capturing the best of the winter wildlife.

From Waxwing birds feasting on berries to murmurations against colourful sunsets, Sussex has been looking its best recently.

The Argus: An urban fox looking down Claire Andrews's lensAn urban fox looking down Claire Andrews's lens (Image: Claire Andrews / The Argus Camera Club)

The star of the show this week was a flock of Bohemian waxwings in Uckfield.

The cheeky birds sat atop the branches feasting on Hawthorn berries for all to see.

Photographer Sue Barnett caught one of the birds with a berry in between its beak.

The Argus: Sue's great picture of the WaxwingSue's great picture of the Waxwing (Image: Sue Barnett)

The murmuration in Brighton also made some incredible shapes in the sky during the golden hour.

Camera Club member Emma Crosby snapped the starlings flying over the Palace Pier on Tuesday afternoon.

The Argus: Emma's picture of the birdsEmma's picture of the birds (Image: Emma Crosby / The Argus Camera Club)

Snapper Karen Kasswell also got up close with a Nuthatch in Woods Mill near Henfield.

The cute blue bird is a resident of England and rarely travels further from the woods where they hatch.

The Argus: The blue-coloured bird atop a fence postThe blue-coloured bird atop a fence post (Image: Karen Casswell / The Argus Camera Club)

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