A student ran 128 miles home from university.

Jake Parsons set himself the challenge of running the equivalent of five marathons back to his parents' home in Horsham.

Jake, who is studying health and exercise science at Bath University, ran with friends and family at various points, running through mud, rain and through the night.

The 21-year-old did the challenge in December and has now raised more than £4,000 for St Mungo’s.

The Argus: Jake ran from university in Bath to his parents' home in HorshamJake ran from university in Bath to his parents' home in Horsham (Image: Submitted)

He said: "On Saturday, December 9, I set off at 4am from my university house in Bath, in the pouring rain, making my way to the canal path which would be my home for the next couple of days.

“The first marathon went by relatively quickly as I was joined by my hometown friend, Henry. At 50km my dad joined me on a bike. The canal path got worse, running through inches of mud in the rain. By 70km the sun was down and the darkness made everything much harder. By 80km I was very ready to give up, but knew I had to keep pushing.

"As we got started on day two, the heavens opened up again, soaking through all the extra clothes I had brought.

"My uncle joined me at 80km and began pacing me at a four-hour marathon pace, which I held on to going through country lanes and up some of the hardest hills of the entire trip. At 85km, halfway, another friend joined to hopefully see me through to the end.”

He had planned to run the whole thing non-stop, but eventually Jake had to pause and take a night's rest, before finishing the final 27km the next day with his mum supporting him on this final stretch. 

The Argus: Jake's 128-mile route from Bath to HorshamJake's 128-mile route from Bath to Horsham (Image: Submitted)

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Jake said: “By Sunday night, I was physically and mentally exhausted to the point of no return. The day was over. I hadn’t made it but I was proud I had given it everything. After a bath and a motivational call with my girlfriend, Erin, I made the decision to get up the next day and finish the last 27km.

"On the Monday morning. my mum and I set off for what would be a seven-hour journey of pain, finally completing the challenge. It wasn’t the way I had planned to do it, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It was a true test and something I had no idea whether I could complete.

"A huge thank you to my mum and dad for being the greatest support crew ever - Dad cycled 130km over the two days on a very basic bike - and to all the people who came out to support and who messaged over the weekend. It was truly incredible and an experience I’ll never forget."

Rob Neale, partnerships manager at St Mungo’s said: “All of us at St Mungo’s are incredibly grateful for the massive amount Jake raised in support of ending rough sleeping and homelessness.

“His achievement was extraordinary. The support from amazing people like Jake ensured that we could help over 28,300 people last year.”