The parents of a young girl are hoping to take their daughter to America for lifesaving heart surgery.

Minnie Shaw, from Chichester, was born with Ebstein's Anomaly, which causes the right side of her heart to not function properly.

Her parents were told their six-year-old would not make it to her teenage years.

The Argus: Minnie was born with Ebstein's AnomalyMinnie was born with Ebstein's Anomaly (Image: GoFundMe)

Minnie’s condition is a very rare and severe form of heart disease.

Her mum Charlotte explained: “She’s very restricted in life and constantly breathless as her oxygen levels sit dangerously low at 75 to 82 per cent.

“She has various medications and nurse visits weekly to check her level of heart failure.”

The Argus: Minnie's condition is a very rare and severe form of congenital heart diseaseMinnie's condition is a very rare and severe form of congenital heart disease (Image: GoFundMe)

But on Boxing Day they received “the best Christmas present any parent could possibly dream of”.

Minnie’s mum Charlotte and dad Jesse were told she has a chance of having a Cone procedure.

This open heart surgery can repair the defective heart valve.

Charlotte added: “Minnie is terminally unwell and we are constantly told by specialists here in the UK that she will never be in a state of repair.

“We have always been told that this surgery would not be possible due to the severity of her anomaly and additional conditions.

“This is huge and news the whole family has been waiting for.

“It’s a final beacon of hope for our precious girl to give her the best chance of life.”

The Argus: Minnie and her dad JesseMinnie and her dad Jesse (Image: GoFundMe)

Now, Minnie’s parents have launched a campaign to raise the £140,000 they need to send her to a specialist centre at the UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Writing on the fundraising page, Charlotte added: “Being in America this surgery of course requires funding.

“Minnie has fought so very hard to get to this point

“We are here asking for your help in supporting beautiful Minnie raise £140,000 to cover the cost of flying to America on a medical flight, surgery and 11 days as an inpatient.

“Additional hospital days are charged at an extra £6,000 per day.

“We thank you from the depths of our hearts, for joining us in the mission to extend our Minnie's precious time.”