A park in Sussex has been rated as one of the most romantic spots to spend Valentine's Day.

Sheffield Park, not far from Uckfield, was ranked among the top 10 most romantic National Trust properties for a valentine’s walk according to a study by UK Saunas.

Almost half of visitors' reviews, 48.8 per cent, were associated with romance for Sheffield Park.

The revelation came as part of UK Saunas' study which analysed nearly 80,000 visitor reviews of various National Trust properties.

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Scotney Castle, Rowallane Garden, Winkworth Arboretum and Mount Stewart also made the top five in terms of romantic appeal.

With the current cost-of-living crisis, these findings show a good alternative way to spend the day rather than going for expensive meals out.

Wellness experts at UK Saunas said: "Walking, by nature, is quite an intimate activity, particularly if it takes place in a secluded, scenic location.

"Scenic backgrounds inspire meaningful conversations and emotional connection, and strolling along with a shared destination fosters a sense of togetherness."