Brighton locals have shared their memories of a popular seafront nightclub which may close.

Rekom UK, who own Pryzm on Brighton's West Street, have said they have filed a notice of intention to appoint administrators.

The news of the club's potential closure has sparked mixed reactions from locals who have shared different memories of the club over the years, including from its days as Top Rank Suite, Event and Event II.

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Facebook users online reminisced about the club and its changes over the years.

Local Merv Moon said: "Back in the 70's it was always Tuesday & Saturday night at the Top Rank Suite."

Debbie Harwood, who once worked at the venue before it became Pryzm, said: "Loved it as the Top Rank. Saw many bands there over the years and lucky enough to work there in 82/83 doing bar work and had a great time."

One local also commented on the state of Brighton nightlife. Charlie Saliba said: "RIP it’s sad what’s happened to Brighton's nightlife all those memories."

However, a handful of locals appeared be unbothered about the potential closure.

One local said "about time" while another said "good riddance".

While some locals fear the closure, one person believes that if Pryzm does close then it is likely the venue will remain home to a nightclub.

Adrian Baron said: "It's not even closed yet, and even if it did, the owners would look to sell it on as an operating business."

The nightclub operator revealed its struggles and said it had been an "extremely hard" time for the late-night industry.

This has been put down to the cost-of-living crisis that has impacted everyone including young adults and students.

Peter Marks, chairman of Rekom UK, said: "We need to undergo a restructuring program that would transform the business and enable it to become more robust in the future."

Mr Marks has said he wants to find new owners for any venues that might not continue under Rekom UK, including Pryzm, to protect jobs.

Although administration does not mean the site will close, there is still a degree of uncertainty about what could happen to this site.