A group of nursery children and care home residents came together to make bird feeders.

The children at Bright Horizons Day Nursery and Preschool in Buckingham Road, Shoreham, went to Meadowcroft Care Home just down the road for the craft day.

They worked together to thread Cheerios and blueberries onto pipe cleaners.

The Argus: The children threaded Cheerio's onto pipe cleanersThe children threaded Cheerio's onto pipe cleaners (Image: Bright Horizons)

Each child was paired up with a resident and they made the bird feeders together and discussed which birds they might see on their creation.

Rachel Morris, nursery manager at Bright Horizons, said: “This engaging activity not only enhanced the children's fine motor skills but also their social skills.

“The initiative aimed to promote social interaction and create a sense of community between the children and the elderly residents.

“This activity not only provided a valuable learning experience for the children but also brought joy and companionship to the residents of Meadowcroft care home.”

The bird feeders were later hung on a tree in the grounds of the care home so residents could watch their creations being use by robins, blue tits and other birds.