Police have issued a warning about "spiking" crimes across the city.

Brighton and Hove Police took to social media to warn people about the threat of people having their drink tampered with.

Although the issue has been going on for some time, concerns are growing over the risk to people on a night out having drugs dropped into their glass.

Police also urged residents to remain vigilant and to report any incidents of spiking that they have suffered or may know about.

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Brighton and Hove Police said: "It’s an invasive crime that can happen to anyone, anywhere, and can be carried out by strangers or even people you know.

"Spiking someone is a serious offence, which can result in a prison sentence even if no other crime has happened.

"If you or someone you know has been spiked, or if you see someone attempting to spike someone, alert staff or contact us immediately.

"Your report is important to us – it helps ensure the safety of others."

People have been reminded to call 999 in an emergency or to call 101 in non-emergencies.