Filming for a TV drama is set to take place at the Royal Pavilion next month.

Residents who live close to the palace in Brighton city centre received a letter to inform them that production of a “returning TV drama” will be taking place on February 19.

The contact details on the letter are linked to the London address of the major Hollywood film studio Warner Bros.

Filming is due to take place between 1pm and 2am that day, with Palace Place closed off to the public, along with parking bays near the Royal Pavilion to make way for “technical vehicles”.

Production of the drama, codenamed “Essex 2” by the film crew, will take place within the grounds of the Pavilion, with a crane light due to be erected in Palace Place.

Sections of the Pavilion Gardens would be closed off for a time if the plans for production go ahead, with security and marshals due to be positioned around the filming area to monitor the flow of people and “maintain shot continuity”.

The letter, signed by two location managers for Warner Brothers, said: “We understand that we will be guests in the area and, as such, we will strive to keep any potential disturbance to your day to the least possible.

“We will complete a consultation and we will write to you again in the near future with a confirmation of our plans along with a visual aid to illustrate the footprint of our filming at the Pavilion.

“Filming cannot take place without the goodwill of local residents, and we would like to thank you for your patience and kindness in advance.

“We are very much looking forward to filming with you in Brighton.”

The Argus found that tickets to visit the Royal Pavilion on February 19 are “sold out”, apart from one 30-minute slot at 2pm.

Warner Brothers and the Royal Pavilion were contacted for comment.

Brighton has been the location for many TV and film productions over the years, including ITV crime drama Grace and 2022 film My Policeman, starring Harry Styles.